Yamaha Launches OHV Access Initiative

CYPRESS, Calif. – Yamaha Motor Corp., U.S.A. is proud to announce the launch of its OHV Access Initiative, designed to support safe, responsible riding and sustainable,open riding areas. The purpose of this proactive, grassroots program is to enable Yamaha dealers and customers to fund deserving projects that support the overriding goal of responsible, open access.

“Yamaha’s new OHV Access Initiative gives us the opportunity to directly support OHV access projects on a local level across the country – from Oregon to Florida, fromTexas to Minnesota,” said Mike Martinez, Yamaha’s general manager of ATV and Side-by-Side Operations. “Through this new program, Yamaha, along with our dealers and customers, is taking a proactive leadership role in supporting our lifestyle and our business. This program will reach across the country to help fund important projects and ensure riding areas are available for generations to come.”

The new program’s tag line, Guaranteeing Responsible Access to our Nation’s Trails (GRANT), reinforces the primary objective of OHV access and serves as a label for the awards that will be distributed. When an application is approved for funding, the recipient then receives the appropriate GRANT. Yamaha encourages clubs, associations and agencies to submit detailed applications for their specific needs.

Each quarter, Yamaha will accept applications from organizations such as non-profit or tax-exempt OHV riding clubs, national forests and associations and national, state and local government agencies. A committee then will review each application and award GRANTs to deserving projects.

Once an application is approved and funded, Yamaha will continue to work with the recipient to help make each project successful based on its objectives, whether that is cleaning up trails, posting signage, or creating educational opportunities for new riders. The Yamaha OHV Access Initiative will see projects to fruition and help each GRANT recipient communicate their successes through the program’s new web site and more.

“This is a long-term initiative, and to make it successful, Yamaha realizes we have to support projects that promote not only open access, but sustainable riding areas,” said Steve Nessl, Yamaha’s ATV/SxS marketing manager. “We look forward to getting to know these local riding groups, identifying their individual needs, and mailto: van_holmes@yamaha-­‐motor.com working closely with them each year to help keep their riding areas open and even create new opportunities where possible and appropriate.”

Examples of appropriate projects for GRANTs might include:

  • Trail development, restoration and maintenance.
  • Trail signage and map production.
  • Staging area construction, renovation and maintenance.
  • Safety and education.

Yamaha has posted a new web page with detailed information and a downloadable guidelines and application document. Interested organizations can find out how to become eligible for GRANTs at: www.yamaha-motor.com/ohvaccess. For general questions, groups can also call Yamaha’s Customer Relations Number at 1-800-962- 7926 or write to: Yamaha OHV Access Initiative Review Committee, 6555 Katella Avenue, Cypress, CA 90630-5101.

The program’s web site will also serve as home for news and information as the program evolves. A timeline for application submissions and reviews is located on the home page, and as projects are funded and completed, Yamaha will create news updates and gather reports to show organizations’ successes. The Yamaha OHV Access Initiative web page will become a hub of information regarding relevant organizations, projects and issues on a local level throughout the country.