Tread Lightly! ‘RIDE ON’ Poster Program

Tread Lightly! ‘RIDE ON’ Poster Program

The Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative congratulates Tread Lightly! on the success of the RIDE ON educational poster program.

Tread Lightly! has been a longtime partner of the Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative since receiving their first GRANT in 2008, launching the “Respected Access is Open Access” outreach campaign. Since then, under the Respected Access banner, Tread Lightly! has worked diligently to raise public awareness and implementation of designated route systems for OHV use nationwide, with the tagline, “RIDE ON Designated Routes.”

Continuing this message in 2012, Tread Lightly! launched an educational poster program to improve education and awareness of responsible riding and the importance of remaining on designated trails. After receiving an overwhelming number of requests for these posters in 2014, Tread Lightly! sought out additional GRANT support from the Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative to fund the printing of 600 posters. With the additional funding and extraordinary demand for the signs, Tread Lightly! went above and beyond their commitment to produce 1,558 posters in 2014. This brings their total posters since the program’s launch to 4,678 distributed across 44 states.

Tread Lightly! is a long time proponent of outdoor conservation, and safe and responsible riding. The Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative is proud to once again partner with Tread Lightly! in their consistent efforts to educate and spread awareness of outdoor conservation and recreation.

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